Production is an all-in-one music-creation service.  We take your existing product, no matter what shape it currently takes, and bring it to a final state of recorded excellence.  Producing brings together all of our services in an effort to deliver a recorded product that presents you as a fully formed musical talent.


Arranging is the art of taking an existing song and reworking it for a new ensemble or of taking a song that might be written for a solo artist or small ensemble and bringing it to fruition with a full band.  We’ve arranged jazz standards for seven-piece horn bands, rock songs for string quartet, and taken solo singer-songwriter masterpieces and arranged them for full band.


Using our well equipped on-site recording studio, we will cultivate a sound that is not only modern and well produced, but also uniquely yours.  We bring together the latest in modern recording technology with years of experience in the industry to generate a product that competes at the highest level.


Artist Development:

Once you have a dynamic finished product, you need to get it out into the public eye and ear.  We can help you to fully develop all possible marketing channels (including websites, social media, print press, radio, and much more) and to deploy marketing campaigns that fully exploit those channels to quickly reach your audience.  We can also use our network of industry contacts to help you establish relationships with agents, management, and other producers who can help to advance your career.


Music Direction:

Pulling together professional musicians and making them sound like a well balanced ensemble is the art of music direction.  If you’re a solo artist looking for a band, let us find musicians and mold them into the best possible ensemble for you.
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