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Vocalist Steve Lipman wants you to join him in rediscovering the depth and beauty of the music of the Great American Songbook. Like so much fine art, this music has withstood the test of time, and remains alive, vibrant, and contemporary. For Steve, the works of the Songbook connect with the soul that yearns for love and cries at heartbreak. He aims to bring this music to a new generation of listeners who are surely aware of it, but have yet to appreciate it fully. In pursuit of that goal, Steve’s latest project, a three-song collection titled Rediscover, is his most ambitious yet, featuring brand new arrangements of classic songs for seven-piece band with three horns and a full rhythm section.

Photographer Tracey Eller

Arrangements and Music Direction: Arranger Dan Prindle put a new spin on some time-honored tunes.  Taking a new approach to each song, Prindle crafted versions that are at the same time classic and modern, honing them for a seven-piece ensemble with three horns and a full rhythm section.
Audio Production: Producer/Engineer Nate Christy recorded and mixed all of the songs in the Rediscover project, cutting the entire band live in studio in a single session.  The project was mastered by Mark Miller of Sonelab Studios.
Video Production: Producer/Engineer Nate Christy also acted as director for the video production of all three songs and a studio trailer documentary with the help of PJ Moynihan of Digital Eyes Film.


Photographer Tracey Eller

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